Taca Headquarters Information


Taca Headquarters Information

Contacting Taca Headquarters

Taca Airlines started as Central American Air Transportation in 1938. At first the company focused on cargo transportation, but over the years the company evolved to include passenger transportation. By 2004 the Salvadorian company offered flights to 10 major US cities, Canada, Mexico City and Central America. Today Taca and Avianca are partners serving more than 100 travel destinations. The two companies operate as part of the same holding company, but they maintain independent operations, locations and routes. The merger gave both companies access to hubs they would otherwise not have access to – expanding routes for both companies.

Taca Headquarters Info

Taca Airlines operates in the United States but Taca headquarters is located in San Salvador. The private company employs more than 5,000 people across the world. With the merger of Taca and Avianca under one holding company, the total number of employees grew exponentially.

  • Address: The Taca headquarters is located in San Salvador – the country where Taca Airlines first started offering cargo flights. Taca headquarters maintains several offices in the United States, including offices in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco [+].

Taca Headquarters Edificio TACA Santa Elena San Salvador, San Salvador 1 El Salvador

  • Phone Number: Despite the executive team being associated with Taca headquarters, the contact information for the corporate office (press contacts) list Avianca airlines. You can contact the Taca headquarters at 1-571-587-7700. Additional phone numbers are available on the press page [+].
  • Fax Number: The fax number for the Taca headquarters is 1-571-423-5500.
  • Email: The press page lists multiple email addresses for contacts in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru [+].
  • Website: The best source of information on Taca headquarters is the NewsCenter website [+]. We found details on the company history, contact information and biographies on four executives for Taca Airlines.

Taca Headquarters Executive Team

The executive team at Taca headquarters appears to be unique to Taca Airlines, despite some clear integration between Taca and Avianca [+]. The four executive biographies published by Taca headquarters are for:

  • Roberto Kriete – Chief Executive Officer and President of Taca Airlines
  • Estuardo Ortiz – Vice President of Commercial Business
  • Sarah Sandoval – Marketing Director
  • Claudia Arenas – Director of Communications

Taca Headquarters Brands

The only merger of note for Taca headquarters was the merger with Avianca. The two companies chose to maintain independent operations, on many fronts, but they are connected via a holding company.

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