Krispy Kreme Headquarters Information


Krispy Kreme Headquarters Information

Contacting Krispy Kreme Headquarters

Krispy Kreme is a donut shop with locations across the globe. The company offers franchise opportunities. We are unsure if the main office and Krispy Kreme headquarters remains in control of the first stores opened by the company.

Krispy Kreme Headquarters Info

You can contact the Krispy Kreme headquarters by phone, mail and email – though the email address is for the customer service department.

  • Address: We found the physical address for Krispy Kreme headquarters, but we also found a contact mailing address for the Board of Directors. The board contact address is the same as the customer service address. We suggest using both address to ensure your letter is delivered to the correct department.

Krispy Kreme Headquarters 370 Knollwood St. Winston Salem, NC 27103


Krispy Kreme Board of Directors P.O. Box 83 Winston Salem, NC 27102

  • Phone Number: The phone number for Krispy Kreme headquarters is 1-336-725-2981. This number will connect you with the main office of the company. If you are looking to reach someone in the customer service department call 1-800-457-4779.
  • Email: We found no mention of a corporate email address or contact form for Krispy Kreme headquarters. We did find a customer service contact form XXX, which is as close as you’ll get to the corporate office. Ask for your contact to be forwarded to the corporate office in the body of the email. An alternative is to contact the guest services department by email [+].
  • Website: You can visit the Krispy Kreme official website [+], but you will not find the contact information you’re looking for in the pages. The website is a retail offering explaining the products available from your local store. The investor relations website [+] offers a bit more information on the corporate side of the business.

Krispy Kreme Headquarters Executive Team

The two leadership teams at the heart of Krispy Kreme headquarters are the management team and the board of directors. You can contact the board of directors at the corporate headquarters by mail [+].

Management Team

James H. Morgan – Executive Chairman

Tony Thompson – CEO and President

Douglas R. Muir – Executive Vice President and CFO

Cathleen D. Allred – Senior Vice President

Cynthia A. Bay – Senior Vice President

Daniel L. Beem – Senior Vice President and International President

G. Dwayne Chambers – Senior Vice President and CMO

Kenneth J. Hudson – Senior Vice President

Darryl R. Marsch – Senior Vice President

M. Bradley Wall – Senior Vice President

Board of Directors

Charles A. Blixt

Lynn Crump-Caine

C. Stephen Lynn

Robert S. McCoy, Jr.

James H. Morgan

Andrew J. Schindler

Michael H. Sutton

Lizanne Thomas

Togo D. West, Jr.

Krispy Kreme Headquarters Brands

Krispy Kreme is the brand throughout the world. There are no exclusive brands sold in stores or online.

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