Garmin Headquarters Information


Garmin Headquarters Information

Contacting Garmin Headquarters

Garmin is a company known for GPS units installed in automobiles and available as hand-held and portable units. The company also offers mobile applications, cameras, sporting equipment and radios. You can find details about each of the products available from the company on the official website [+].

Garmin Headquarters Info

Contact information for Garmin headquarters includes a mailing address for each of the international and domestic offices and phone numbers for said offices. You can contact the customer service department by email.

  • Address: We found four addresses for Garmin offices, including the address for Garmin headquarters. Depending on where you are located, you can contact your local office by mail.

Garmin Headquarters 1200 E. 151st. St. Olathe, KS 66062


Garmin Europe Liberty House Bulls Corpse Rd. Hounsdown Business Park Southampton, SO40 9LR, UK


Garmin Asia No. 68 Zhangshu 2nd Rd. Xizhi Dist. New Taipei City 221, Taiwan


Garmin AT 2345 Turner Rd. SE Salem, OR 97302

  • Phone Number: Customers can call 1-913-397-8200 to contact Garmin headquarters. If you’d rather fax the company, send your fax to 1-913-397-8282. You can also contact international offices. The phone number for the European office is +44-0-23-8052-4000. Call the Asian office at 886-2-2629199 or the US AT office at 1-800-525-6726.
  • Email: We did not find a contact form or email for Garmin headquarters, but we did find a customer service contact form [+]. You can request to have your email forwarded to the corporate office. Include your contact information, including an address and phone number, so the company can contact you about the issue.
  • Website: Much of the contact information we’ve listed was found on the official Garmin website [+]. You can learn more about the company, visit the investor relations page or read the company blog. There is also retail information about shipping, delivery, returns and refunds.

Garmin Headquarters Executive Team

If you need to contact the corporate office for Garmin headquarters, you can address your contact to a member of the executive team or board of directors.

Executive Team

Dan Bartel – Vice President

Jon Casset – Vice President

Patrick Desbois – Vice President

Dawn Iddings – Vice President

Ed Link – Vice President

Laurie Minard – Vice President

Matthew Munn – Vice President

Philip Straub – Vice President

Michael Wiegers – Vice President

Carl Wolf – Vice President

Board of Directors

Dr. Min Kao

Clifton A. Pemble

Gary Burrell

Donald H. Eller

Joseph J. Hartnett

Charles W. Peffer

Thomas P. Poberezny

Garmin Headquarters Brands

Garmin is the brand. There are no other brands mentioned on the official website.

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