Dropbox Headquarters Information


Dropbox Headquarters Information

Contacting Dropbox Headquarters

Dropbox is an online cloud storage website in the infancy stages. The company is still working on venture capital, but growth is tremendous with a large portion of Fortune 500 companies using the service to backup and store critical documents and information. Dropbox headquarters claims one of the company dynamics is to be transparent, but there is little contact information for the corporate office – so transparency is an overstatement.

Dropbox Headquarters Info

The Dropbox headquarters can be found in San Francisco, California. The company works out of an office on Berry St, but that information is not available or easily found on the official website. We managed to find a few pieces of contact information for Dropbox headquarters on the official website, but not much.

  • Address: If you want to stop by the Dropbox headquarters or send the company a letter, you use the main address for the corporate office.

Dropbox Headquarters 185 Berry St. Ste. 400 San Francisco, CA 94107

  • Phone Number: You can reach Dropbox headquarters by phone at 1-415-986-7057. An alternative is to fax your letter to 1-415-789-4548.
  • Email: The best means of contacting Dropbox headquarters is to utilize the general contact form [+]. This contact form is not designed for corporate contact, but there is no corporate email listed on the website. We double-checked the privacy policy and terms and conditions with no luck finding contact information.
  • Website: Dropbox.com is the official website for Dropbox headquarters [+].

Dropbox Headquarters Executive Team

There is little information on the Dropbox executive team, though there is a list of all employees [+] working at the company. We did find a few members of the executive team and a single member of the Board of Directors.

Executive Team

Dr. Drew Houston – Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Arash Ferdowsi – Chief Technology Officer and Founder

Sujay Jaswa – Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Woodside –Chief Operating Officer

Board of Directors

Dr. Condoleeza Rice

Brian Schreier

Dropbox Headquarters Brands

There is no simple list of brands from Dropbox headquarters, but there are a few products mentioned in the company blog. Products like Carousel, Platform Dropbox, Dropbox for Android and Dropbox for Business are key products in the brand. Addition product announcements are likely to be made in the future on the Dropbox blog [+].

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