Coach Headquarters Information


Coach Headquarters Information

Contacting Coach Headquarters

Coach is a clothing brand famous for clothing and accessories – with a strong focus on Coach bags for men and women. Coach is a high-end company, so merchandise is priced higher than other retailers, including retailers within the same high-end category. Coach was started as a small, mom-and-pop store in 1941. The business was owned and operated by a single family in Manhattan. Six leather workers created pieces from plans handed down through the years. Today more than 500 Coach stores are located in North America alone.

Coach Headquarters Info

Coach headquarters information is located within the retail website. We found it rather difficult to locate information like address, phone number and email contact that was dedicated to the corporate office rather than sales and customer service.

  • Address: You can find the corporate office for Coach headquarters in New York, the center of the fashion world, according to some fashion experts. You can write to the corporate office at:

Coach Headquarters 516 W. 34th St. New York, NY 10001

  • Phone Number: Call 1-212-594-1850 to reach the Coach headquarters. You can also choose to fax the corporate office at 1-212-594-1682. If you send a fax include your contact information so the company can call or email you with a response.
  • Email: There is no contact email for the corporate office, but there is a contact form for Coach. Use the contact form [+] to contact a member of the customer service department who may forward your contact to Coach headquarters.
  • Website: We found the official website for Coach [+], but there is no official website for the corporate office. Coach headquarters information is available within the Coach website. You can shop the official website more quickly than you can find contact information. The company profile [+] gives visitors some information on the company’s past. There are contacts on the page for Coach headquarters.

Coach Headquarters Executive Team

When searching for the Board of Directors and executive team, we were forced to sort through multiple pages on the Coach official website. The Coach headquarters information is offered on the same website as product information and sales.

Board of Directors

Lew Frankfort

Victor Luis

Susan Kropf

Gary Loveman

Ivan Menezes

Irene Miller

Michael Murphy

Stephanie Tilenius

Jide Zeitlin

Executive Officers

Lew Frankfort

Victor Luis

Todd Kahn

Sarah Dunn

Jane Neilsen

Coach Headquarters Brands

Coach does not offer brands, but they do offer various lines, including products from Bleeker Preston.

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