Carfax Headquarters Information

Carfax Headquarters Information

Carfax is a company that helps automobile shoppers find out more about the history of a car or truck before signing their name on the bottom line of a contract. Using the VIN, or vehicle identification number, Carfax can give the potential buyer access to information, including:

  • Number of previous owners.
  • Number of major accidents.
  • Major repair work.
  • Accurate odometer readings.
  • Recall information.

Many automobile dealerships will offer customers a free Carfax report before purchase, but consumers can also choose to visit the official website to run a Carfax report for a fee [+].

Carfax Headquarters Info

The Carfax headquarters is located in Centreville, Virginia. Carfax customer service does a fantastic job of giving visitors details directions from various major points of interest throughout the surrounding area, including Washington D.C. and the Dulles Airport [+].

  • Address: Carfax, Inc. 5860 Trinity Pkwy. Ste. 600 Centreville, VA 20120
  • Phone Number: Callers can reach the Carfax headquarters at 1-703-934-2664.
  • Fax Number: Dealers and vehicle owners can fax documents to 1-703-691-2861.
  • Email: There are two email contacts for Carfax headquarters and customer service. You can choose to submit a general question to the company or request a change to a Carfax report [+].
  • Website: Customers can access the official website for Carfax to run vehicle history reports [+], but there is also a website for car dealerships [+].

Carfax Headquarters Executive Team

Carfax doesn’t offer a corporate website with a complete listing of executives currently working for and with the company. BusinessWeek offers an up-to-date list of key executives active as of November 2013 [+]. The list is updated with help from readers who have the option to Report a Data issue. Information for the executive list is pulled from public proxy information published by Carfax headquarters.

  • Richard Raines – President
  • Larry Gamache – Director of Communications
  • Bill Eager – Dealer Business Vice President
  • Joe Koenig – Vice President

Carfax Headquarters Brands

Though Carfax is well-known as a company offering vehicle background information, that is not the only business operating under the umbrella of Carfax headquarters. Carfax headquarters is also responsible for Carfax Banking and Insurance Group and Carfax Europe [+]. A new addition to the Carfax headquarters family is MyCarfax [+]. The website offers car owners free access to vehicle service information to better keep track of when their vehicle has been serviced, service provided and when service is needed in the future.

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