Bose Headquarters Information


Bose Headquarters Information

Contacting Bose Headquarters

Bose is a sounds company in that the company designs, manufactures and sells headphones, speakers and stereo equipment. From noise-cancelling products to speakers claiming to produces sound with the best quality on the market, Bose is a premium product with a variety of options in product selection and price.

Bose Headquarters Info

The Bose headquarters is located in Framingham, Massachusetts. Contact information for the corporate office is available on the company website and includes an address, phone number and email address. The email address is for the support department, but your email may be forwarded to the corporate headquarters upon request. The official website for Bose headquarters is located on the company retail website.

  • Address: Writing to the Bose headquarters is as simple as addressing your letter to the Framingham address. If you know the department you need to contact, add an attention line so your letter is delivered to the proper department.

Bose Headquarters The Mountain Framingham, MA 01701

  • Phone Number: Call 1-800-999-2673 to reach Bose headquarters and, we believe, the customer service department. The company fax number is 1-508-820-3465.
  • Email: The support department at Bose headquarters is available [+], but there is no email address for the corporate office. When addressing the support team, ask for your email to be forward to corporate.
  • Website: The official website for Bose [+] offers information on products and the ability to order online. Company information is strewn throughout the website on global and contact pages. The best place to find corporate information [+] is on the global US page.

Bose Headquarters Executive Team

We hoped to find more than the names of executives in the company, but there is no information on the Board of Directors behind Bose headquarters on the official website. We finally located an investor page that listed both the Board of Directors and the executive team.

Board of Directors

Donald Grierson

Thomas Bogan

Paul Lacy

Michael Porter

Robert Schechter

Renato Zambonini

C. Richard Harrison

James Heppelmann

Executive Management

James Heppelmann

Barry Cohen

Robert Ranaldi

Anthony DiBona

Marc Diouane

Jeffrey Glidden

Robert Gremley

Brian Shepherd

Aaron von Staats

Bill Berutti

Bose Headquarters Brands

Bose is the brand at the heart of the company, but there are products sold under the Bose name that are trademarked to the company. Products like the FreeStyle, QuietComfort, SoundTouch, Wave and SoundTrue are available from Bose.

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